Where’s Granny? Oh, She Lives in the Backyard!

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Seniors nowadays want to stay independent but staying in a large home with lots of maintenance can often leave them between a rock and a hard place. Not anymore! There are so many great alternatives to an assisted living facility or a nursing home and it might fit right into your own backyard!

Tiny houses are fast becoming the alternative to a big house with a big mortgage and a lot of maintenance. Built on wheels, tiny houses can be moved to almost anywhere. Having mom or dad close by can help them retain their independence yet keep them close enough to help them when needed. Tiny houses can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to build a full-sized house and at a fraction of the cost. Having a tiny house custom-built means a senior can include all the safety features they need from the start.

Going Tiny Means Big Savings

You will still have to pay some taxes on a tiny house but nothing near what you’d dish out for a full-sized home. Heating and cooling is much cheaper in a tiny home and they can be built with solar panels to provide you with free electricity. Some are completely self-contained by having a composting toilet and water storage and catchments system.

Granny Pods and MedCottages

MedCottages are built to be moved right on your own property. They come fully equipped with all the medical equipment your senior might need. They are pricier than the tiny homes but considering the cost per year of an assisted living facility, they will pay for themselves in a year or two. Many assisted living communities cost over $80,000 a year and much more for a nursing home.

Accessory Dwelling Units may be built on their own foundation or on wheels. Cities are beginning to waive the huge building fees to accommodate the large number of seniors who want to stay living in their own homes but without the huge mortgage or maintenance of a large home.

More than Saving Money

Having mom and dad close by means you can add to their quality of life. Keeping them engaged with the family and taking the worry away of living alone can ease their body and mind. With the tiny home on wheels, you and your siblings can share the responsibility of taking care of your parents.

Not having to worry about the maintenance of a home, your parents might still be able to do a little traveling and enjoy their latter years.

Taking them to appointments and making sure they are eating right and taking their medications correctly is much easier when they are right at home in your backyard!

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