A Walk through My Memories

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The wet winter and early spring showers have left my garden quite the mess, but it’s still beautiful to me. Everywhere I have plants given to me by loved ones — gifts of their passions and each one brings back sweet memories. Over the years I’ve added plants that remind me of loved ones long gone.

Marigolds are for my Granny Mann, who had them lined along her steps to the front door. I love their bright colors and the memories of three-day car trips that finally brought us to her house. My other granny also grew lots of flowers, but the thing I remember most about her garden was her mimosa tree that shaded her cement bird bath. That bird bath now sits under a pine tree in my backyard but I’ve planted a number of mimosas and each one reminds me of her.

Granddaughter Lilly Belle examining a calendula

My granddaughter Lilly Belle examining a calendula

Gardens and Memories

I can’t see a morning glory without thinking about my own mama’s garden. The blue bell blooms twine around the picket fence that my daddy built for her. Each year they come up on their own and seem magical to me. My mama is a sharing person and so many of my own plants came from her garden. I love it! Many of those plants will live on past us both and I hope my kids and grandkids enjoy them as much as I have.

Then there’s the bushes and trees my daddy helped me plant. One is a purple butterfly bush and another is a red cherry plum tree. Now daddy’s not the gardener in the family, but his help has been enlisted a lot — mainly from my mama. But those times when he brought over one of mama’s treasures and helped me plant them will always be wonderful memories.

At the corner of my front porch is a bridal veil bush that I planted when my daughter was about nine years old. I can still see Tara Marie’s nine-year-old face beaming down as I firmed up the dirt around the roots. Sixteen years ago she married the man of her dreams and in her bouquet was a sprig of bridal veil that blooms each spring like her love for Brian.

My family at the folks place

My family at the folks place

Special Plants

Do you have a special plant that someone you love has given you? I must have at least a dozen miniature roses my kids and grandkids have given me!

If you have a passionate gardener in your life, try sharing some of your own special plants. I don’t think it will surprise you when they share some of their own. Anyone can go to the nursery and buy a plant, but those that come from loved ones are so special and soon you too can walk through your own garden of memories.

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