Senior Grazing – Through the Food Trucks!

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For a change of pace, senior communities are inviting local food trucks to tickle the taste buds of their senior residents. It’s a break from the formal styles of most senior dining rooms and a chance to eat ethnic foods that so many seniors love. No matter how good the chef is at your assisted living facility, food changes can perk up the day, especially when choice is on the menu.

Give the Chef the Night Off

Eating is about so much more than nutrition. Eating should be a social event and include interesting foods. Who doesn’t like some Asian food once in a while or an authentic taco or enchilada? Set up tables and chairs on the patio and make it a really special event. While your seniors may love to eat with the same friends most of the time, mixing it up can help them explore new relationships while enjoying the food of their choice.

Welcoming the Community to Senior Living

Some assisted livings have hosted food trucks at their grand openings. It’s a way to encourage the locals to check out the new community in a very relaxed atmosphere. It also lets visitors know that their community has innovative ideas and nothing like the rest homes of yesteryear.

Nearly everyone loves to eat and there’s no better way to get people excited about your community than to hear the food is wonderful with special dining events hosted regularly.

The World Can Be Your Oyster or Crepe!

My own hometown hosts Food Truck Mania once a month with dozens of food trucks arriving in Old Town the first Saturday of the month. It’s so popular you must get there early just to find a place to park before you go looking for that perfect meal. Noodles, pizza, Asian, hot dogs, Mexican, desserts, and barbeque are all lined up and these are just a few options you can choose from. If your hometown hosts a Food Truck Mania, it would be a great way to see if it’s a good fit for your community by taking a few residents on a food hunt of their own.

Food to Fork and Senior to Farm

Most areas are finding that people want to eat food from their own neck of the woods. Most cities and localities have local farms that often host events right on their properties. The USDA’s Local Food Directories contains directories of local outlets where a consumer can buy fresh food from local suppliers.

Don’t Overlook the Local Eateries!

Some of the best restaurants will cater events and bring the best foods their establishment offers to your community or event. There’s nothing better than seeing your food cook on an open grill while you visit with friends and neighbors. There are so many ways to make your community stand out by thinking outside the box when it comes to food and everyone knows that great food is the best way to keep your residents healthy and happy.

(This article has been updated since it originally published in November, 2016.)

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