Keep on Moving. . .Keep on Doing!

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No matter what our physical condition is, we all need to keep on moving. You don’t have to do an hour of aerobics a day or run a marathon but if you stop moving on a regular basis, you’re going to suffer the consequences. Having purpose for each and every day can keep us moving and give us a real zest for life. It will not only give us healthier bodies, but physical exercise also keeps our brains healthy and wards off depression.

My Mom

My mama is now in her 80’s and the last time she did what most would consider “exercise” was with me and Jack LaLanne. He came on every morning after Captain Kangaroo. Jack would come on the screen and say, “Boys and girls, go get your mommies. It’s time to exercise.” So I’d go get mama and we’d follow Jack in all his moves. I was three. Mama was in her 20’s.

Although mama hasn’t participated in formal exercise since then, she’s far from sedentary. She and daddy work every day out in the yard. I should mention their yard consists of two manicured acres. They can work circles around me. Mama is excited about every day and every project she wants to get done. On her last check up, the doctor told her she has the body of a teenager! Now that’s something to aspire to.

My Best Friend

In her younger years, Linda was an athlete. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do and she loved to work. We’ve been friends since our teens and I always admired her tenacity and abilities. Fast forward 30 years when Linda lost a baby, went through a divorce, suffered a heart attack and sunk into depression. That’s when Linda stopped moving and stopped doing.

Linda came to live with me after her third heart attack. It’s been 10 years since she’s been active at all. It’s almost like she’s given up. Her days consist of sitting in her recliner and watching television. After 10 years of inactivity she fell and broke her pelvis. It took her a year to get over it. Last week she got motivated and started helping out in the yard. A few days later she fell and suffered a compression fracture of a vertebrae. She’s only 60 and has to use a walker to get around. Experts tell us if we don’t move our bones and muscles they become weak. Linda is living proof.

What Makes a Difference?

I’ve seen how my mama has aged through the years and what comes to mind is that she lives her life with purpose and passion. She loves being outside among the plants and animals. She loves getting things done and keeping her place a joy to live in. To me she’s a living life lesson on how to live well even when you hit your “golden years.” She inspires me to keep on doing, keeping moving and to have purpose and passion for life every day I’ve been blessed to be alive.

Now, I think I’ll go outside and finish planting my veggie patch. Playing in the dirt keeps me moving and feeds my passion for growing things! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with purpose and movement!

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