Hello Spring! Time for New Passions

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There’s just something about spring after a long winter that seems to make life new. The plants wake up and the birds return to our gardens. Fresh veggies and fruits come into season for us to enjoy. We can get outside and shake off those wintertime cobwebs. It’s the perfect time to embrace the great weather and try everything new!

Caregiving can become monotonous especially during the winter months. When spring comes along, it’s a great time to embrace the newness of the season and try new things. It can perk up your life to change your routine, add new flavors, new passions and enjoy everything you can. Finding things to feed the soul and activities your older loved one can enjoy is just the ticket for a wonderful spring.

Fresh Foods

Spring is a great time to change up your meal times with fresh fruits and veggies. Most of us have a local farmer’s market that will have the freshest of both. Or why not find a local grower? Even in my very small town we have a local farmer who offers a box of his freshest produce once a week. Look for a Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm near you. Ours asks for a commitment of a box a week for at least a few months. Some deliver your box right to your door. We have the option of picking ours up and it’s so fun to visit the place where my fresh produce is grown.

Have you been hungry for a really great salad lately? Like my mama and grannies before me, I hunger for a great salad when spring comes along. Why not try making your own salad dressing? I started making mine just a few years ago and have not went back to a bottle yet. I enjoy starting with someone else’s idea like Pioneer Woman’s salad dressings. These are simple to make. The creamy base starts with equal parts of sour cream and mayonnaise but she has recipes for vinaigrettes, too!

New Past Times

It’s amazing how spring can change your thinking and even change the things you love to do. Why not try a new pastime like bird watching or plant an herb garden on the patio? Check out what’s going on in your vicinity. Spring usually brings on the garden tours for the most beautiful places near where you live. You could also make a list of all places you’ve been meaning to see nearby and try to visit at least two a month. Day trips are fun and your older loved one will enjoy them just as much as you.

Learn New Things

Many local universities and colleges offer courses especially designed for older people. Visit the websites of higher learning institutions located near you and see what you might enjoy learning about. There’s so much out there to learn, such as photography or a foreign language. There are travel classes where you learn about the places you hope to visit someday. There are cooking classes and gardening groups. Don’t forget to see what your local Senior Center is offering right now.

What Activities Are You Planning this Spring?

We’d love to hear about your passions and activities and those enjoyed by your older loved ones. I hope I have inspired you to try something new for a wonderful springtime experience!

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