How Well Do You Know Your Senior?

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I used to think I knew everything about both my parents. Boy, was I wrong! The past few years I’ve taken a lot more opportunities to ask them about their early lives and I’ve learned more than I ever dreamed possible. Just asking my daddy what jobs he’s done in the past was an eye-opener. I never imagined that as a very young man new to California, he picked grapes in the Napa Valley. He only lasted a few hours but it made him think seriously about going to a trade school. He eventually became a barber.

Other jobs he did were — driving a Dr. Pepper Truck, working in a gas station, a parts store, the Borax Plant, not to mention working on the farm tending all the animals and butchering, making hay and gathering in the crops.

So, What Do You Know About YOUR Senior?


  1. What is one of their favorite books?
  2. Who is their favorite actor?
  3. What person do they admire most?
  4. What was their first job?
  5. Who was their first date with?
  6. What was their first car?
  7. Who was their childhood best buddy?
  8. What was their favorite pet?
  9. What is the most favorite place they’ve ever been to?
  10. What place have they always wanted to visit?
  11. What is their favorite movie?
  12. What is their favorite TV show?
  13. When did they get their first color television set?
  14. Who is their favorite athlete?
  15. Who taught them to drive a car?
  16. What profession did they hope to have when they were young?
  17. Where did they meet their spouse?
  18. What was the most important thing their parents taught them?
  19. What was the best day of their life?
  20. What is their favorite past-time?

This is a great quiz for adult children and even the grandchildren. Pass out these questions at a family gathering and find out who knows the most. It should spark some very interesting conversations!

It’s also a good tool to use in an assisted living community. You could find out a lot about your residents by having them fill this out about themselves. It could become a game by having a group of residents try to answer these questions about one another! It’s also a great reminiscence tool. Have each resident pick just one question and have them tell about their answers in detail.

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