You’ve Made it This Far – Now Go for it and Have some Fun!

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I always wondered why my granny in her older years began wearing really bright colors and dying her hair blue. I think I know now that I’m in my own senior years. I think she came to that age where she had earned the right to dress how she wanted and to color her hair exactly the shade she liked. Okay, back then, a lot of older ladies dyed their hair blue. It was supposed to be a pretty shade of grey — but it was definitely blue! Not many could really nail it like my granny did though!

Let’s look at the facts. We survived through our childhood — and yes some of us had it really good and some of us didn’t.

Most of us have been to the school of hard knocks (some of it due to our hard heads) and learned some really valuable lessons.

We both survived and thrived through our early adult years when we looked really good and could work around the clock. We’ve survived parents and bosses and husbands and children — we need to look at every little victory.

Been there — Done That

We managed to raise our kids, some of them even more hard-headed than we ever were and yes, we survived that, too.

Although we held our breaths a lot through our children’s young adulthood, they finally grew up and are still alive.

We reveled when we became a grandparent and fell in love again with those sweet faces fresh from God. This time we really take time to enjoy each sweetie to the fullest.

We even made it to the place where we actually, fully appreciate our parents and now think of them in the most cherished of terms.

We’ve done it. We lived through it. Most of it we enjoyed. Some of it we weren’t sure we would live through but we did. We’ve earned our wisdom from years of experience. We’ve persevered, survived with fortitude and at least a little grace. So why not flaunt it?

Flaunting Age

Open that mouth and say what you mean. I’ve actually tried this and it feels really good. Take a walk on the wild side once in a while. You got a little more time so why not have some fun?

Let’s show the next generation what this aging thing should be like. Let’s all be trendsetters and really set the world on its heels. Let’s blaze a trail like none other ever seen before. After all, most of us are the Baby Boomers — it’s time to BOOM!

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