Words That Heal

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Family — it’s a simple concept yet very complicated when it comes to the different relationships within one. Whether its past hurts between siblings or between children and their parents, it takes a lot of love and forgiveness to move on and make things better. Emotions run high when our parents are in need. It’s a time when we need to stick together and do what’s best for the entire family. That’s when we need to learn the language of love that comes straight from the heart.

Time — It Doesn’t Heal Everything

If you’re waiting around for one of your siblings to move past an old hurt, you might never see that day come. It’s just easier in our minds to leave it alone. But what we lose is more than significant. We lose a relationship that is priceless. Of course you have to weigh it all out — whether it’s worth it to you to be the one to start the healing no matter the cost. If you’re the one that’s hurt, you have to be willing to let it go.

I love you, I’m sorry, I miss you, I need you . . . these are just a few words that might make all the difference in your relationships with family and friends. It’s only a beginning but its well worth the try. Say it and own it. Be willing to be hurt again. This isn’t a dress rehearsal, I’m told — it’s our lives. Staying mad, standing on knowing you were the one that was right, both are cold comforts. The stress keeps coming and it poisons so many things — sweet memories and times we could have if only we all could forgive.

What better legacy could we possibly leave than a complete family who comes together and stands together? If you need a better reason, then do it for yourself. Bitterness and hurt feelings can actually shorten your own life and certainly taint its quality. Do it for your children and grandchildren. Let them see you are willing to put yourself out there for all those you love. It will be by your example they learn the full meaning of sacrifice for others and the value of close relationships with our loved ones. Do it for your parents. No matter what fallacies they have, they have loved you and probably did the best they could. They deserve a united family without the drama.

In the end, it’s not about anyone else. It’s about the people we want to be. It’s about using what time we have to make things better. That’s something we can live with, without any regrets.

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