Winter Blues? Learn Something New!

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When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to get creative. Did you ever wish you could learn to crochet, quilt or learn a foreign language? Winter is a great time to stretch those mind muscles and melt the winter blues.

Everyone is now concerned with memory loss and dementia. There are so many things that can improve your brain power and one of them is to constantly find new things to learn. Taking up a new hobby or just exploring one you used to enjoy is a way to improve your memory and even perhaps connect with others. Winter can be a bad time of year for depression, so be proactive and get involved with your new talents before you get the blues.

Connect with Others and Be Inspired

Taking classes is one way to explore a new interest. Many fabric stores offer classes in quilting, embroidery, crocheting and knitting. Universities now offer classes for older people in so many disciplines. You can explore the world in travel classes, learn a foreign language, take photography classes or even tackle the dreaded computer. Getting involved and getting your loved one to get out of the house and be inspired can be the ticket to a great winter escape.

Get Your Hands Dirty

When my best friend was going through a tough time, I invited her to go to ceramics classes with me. We we’re both in our late 40s and she was a little hesitant, but once we got to class and saw the large potting wheels and the beautiful vases and dinnerware displayed in the room, we both were hooked. It was challenging to get that lump of clay centered on the spinning wheel but we both were elated when we mastered “centering” and moved on to make some pretty colorful bowls.

Glass terrariums are now the rage in our small town. There are classes and “parties” for learning how to plant beautiful groups of plants arranged in glass. They add pretty little figurines and voila’, you have a living masterpiece!

Cooking classes are very popular right now and even our small town offers gourmet cuisine classes at the high school during the evening hours. You can even get college credit for some of these classes and learn to amaze your friends with delicious meals.

The Senior Center Connection

Our small town has a wonderful senior center connected to the parks and rec department. They offer tap dancing lessons, painting lessons, water aerobics, gentle yoga, scrapbooking and so much more. If you don’t know what you might like try checking into your local parks and rec department or local senior center.

Wine and Paint

I’ve never tried this one but many of my friends and my daughter have been to these get-togethers where you sample some wine and learn to paint a lovely picture. I have one of my daughter’s hanging on a wall. From what I’ve heard, it’s fun to take a friend or meet new ones at these parties.

Get Crafty at a Craft Store

Our small town doesn’t have a craft store but the town just a few miles away does. It offers so many classes to get your creative juices flowing. Get your older loved one involved and have a blast. You might be a budding Grandma Moses and never knew it!

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