Wearing a Style That’s All Your Own

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One of the many good things that come with getting older is the boldness and confidence to be who you really are. If you’re like me you just won’t play the couture game any longer. Sometimes I like to appear in denims, flannels and boots, not so much Manolo stilettos. Other times I like flowing voile dresses with a belt around my ample waist. And still other times, just for the fun of it, I will don my cozy muumuu with funky bangles on my arms! And I don’t care if my hairstyle doesn’t suit my peers. No sirree! I’ve lived long enough to deserve the right to do things my own way. You have too!

I’m pretty sure a lot of older women have felt the same way. The older my granny got, the bigger, bolder and brighter her wardrobe became. At one time she dyed her hair a neon blue and that was long before the punkers started doing it. She liked flowered prints and red lipstick — and that was what she wore as she passed through the decades. As I remember, the only ones who had negative comments were the women in her life. What a shame. I’ll leave the snide remarks to “The Real Housewives,” thank you very much.

Changing is Hard – Do It Anyway!

You only live once, why not do it your way? Every few years I have a notion to change things up and when I finally do, it does make me happy. How many times have you put back that sheath dress you loved because it might make people think it’s “not age-appropriate attire”? What’s the worst thing that could happen? You can donate it, or give it to your 30-something daughter. Let it go. Whatever look you choose, whenever you want it, is for yourself, not anyone else. I go through cycles with hair color. Every few years or so I’ll change from a blonde to a brunette. Sometimes I’ll keep it brown for a year before I change it back. It’s fun (and exciting) to just do something different.

Be a Trend-Setter!

Take a cue from the women of history who were greatly admired for changing their styles over time. Jackie O experimented with clothing and wore what suited her; others later followed the “Jackie O” approach. Audrey Hepburn wore her class and looked fabulous! If stripes and polka-dots feel right on you, go for it. We were meant to enjoy each aspect of our lives and not to fear what others might think.

Own Your Own Style! (Or as my daughter says, “Go Girl”!)

True beauty comes from the inside and nothing is more attractive than a confident person. Finding your own true style might take some time but enjoy the journey and when you do find it — own it. The old rules of style have gone out with the tide. There’s never been a better time to wear what you like and like who you are. Dress to please yourself.

I once met an 80-something lady who donned really wild colors, a big sunflower on her hat, and striped knee socks. Her steel grey hair was cut in a Dutch Boy style. I found her very appealing because it was apparent she loved what she wore. She always had a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile, both accentuating her charming personality. I asked her about her fashion style and her story was priceless.

“I’ve always loved to dress up,” she shared. “I have lots of different styles. In my 20’s and 30’s, I loved big hats and elbow length gloves but there just weren’t many occasions to wear them. So when I really felt the need, I’d look in the newspaper for what funerals were happening that day. I’d dress in my best black dress with my wide-brimmed black hat and gloves. I’d stand at the back with the mourners and have a really good cry. You know, I really enjoyed those funerals and the food was great too!”

Don’t wait for a funeral to wear exactly what you like!

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