The Wonders of Ginger

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The day of Thanksgiving I came down with a bad head cold and a queasy stomach. It was a long bout with that bug and I’m still getting over some of the symptoms. I started drinking ginger ale for my stomach ailments along with a multi-purpose cold pill. After a few days I noticed my feet which were usually really swollen from arthritis were completely a normal size. It was the first time in a decade or more that my feet weren’t swollen at all. I knew it wasn’t the acetaminophen because that never helped my swelling feet. Come to find out, ginger is a wonder drug for bringing down swelling!

So I started doing some research on this natural wonder. WebMD has a good article on their website about the benefits of ginger.

Did You Know?

Ginger naturally wards off germs. It can help halt the growth of bacteria like e.coli. It also reduces the bacteria in your mouth and may help prevent gum infections.

Most of us know that ginger can ease a queasy stomach, but did you know that it’s because it reduces the gas in your intestines? It can also ease seasickness and the upset stomach from chemotherapy.

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. It certainly eased my swollen feet and my knees were better than they’ve been in years! I suffer from arthritis and have for decades. Ginger ale is now my drink of choice.

Researchers are finding that ginger seems to slow down cancer cells. They are currently studying its affects to find out how it does this.

Ginger is also known to lower blood sugar.

Ginger can be a wonder substance for menstrual cramps by easing the swelling.

Ginger can also lower our LDL’s, you know the lousy cholesterol. The WebMD website says just 5 grams per day for three months has shown to reduce those lousy things an average of 30 points.

You can drink it in a tea, add it to food or even sip on ginger ale. It also comes in a powder and a skin patch. Now that’s something I’d never known.

I’d love to hear from all you dear readers if you’ve experienced the magic of ginger. This old girl is never done learning something new.

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