The Comfort And Help of Family

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My daddy’s been sick for quite a while now. It’s been about six months since he’s really been himself. My parents live on two acres and keep the place looking like a park, but it’s been hard since daddy’s been sick. Mama is wearing down and I’ve come down with a bad bug, but just about the time we were at the end of our ropes, my cousin came for a visit.

Jerry David is my mama’s twin sister’s son. He’s as close as family can get. He was just what we needed and his timing could not be better. He’s not the sort you have to cater to, instead he can do everything and does.

Counting on Family When Times Are Hard

Having company while a loved one is very sick can be hard. My mama was apprehensive when she found out Jerry David was coming. She worried that daddy would feel he had to “entertain” him. She worried about fixing meals and still being able to tend to daddy. None of that happened even with Jerry’s grandson along for the visit. Well, I have to give Jerry’s wife a lot of credit. She also came along and was such a blessing. She helped around the house and made sure the two-year-old was not underfoot. In fact that little boy brought a lot of joy to the old farmstead.

Yesterday, Jerry David put his wife and grandson on a plane back home after they’d been here a few days. He’s staying a while to help out. It’s springtime here in the Sacramento Valley and that means the grass is growing faster than you can keep it mowed. What has Jerry David been doing? Fixing riding mowers, fixing things around the house, going to town for food so mama won’t have to cook and generally being the blessing he’s always been. As an only child, Jerry David is the closest thing to a sibling I’ve got. I thank the Lord for him.

Now how many people will get on a plane and travel two thousand miles to basically work around someone else’s place? Not many. But chances are there are family and close friends in your life that all you need to do is say the word and they will be there. In Jerry’s case, we didn’t have to ask, but if you need help you have to speak up.

While at first mama thought about all the things that could go wrong with this visit, but ten minutes after he arrived she knew it would be more than okay.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Family for Help

When you need help and you’re taking care of someone who is very sick, you (me included) often go to the dark side. Don’t! When you need help it’s not the time to be picky. Take the plunge and get the help that you need. You never know what a wonderful blessing it can be. Jerry was determined to see my daddy at least one more time. He’s made some great memories over the past week and he’s brought a lot of comfort to both my parents.

Give in and let those who love you help! This is no time to be a martyr. It did worry me when mama was apprehensive about the visit but it couldn’t have worked out better. Doing it all yourself means others are left out. It also means you’ll be paying a big price with your physical and mental health.

I know there are those of you out there who feel you have to do it all. You dread the reaction from your older loved one or fear the disapproval from other family members. LET IT GO! If family won’t help, look into in-home care. Many healthcare insurance policies will help out and so will Medicare. In my daddy’s case, it might not be long before we need to get hospice in. First I’ll have to convince mama. She still thinks she has to be the only one, but she is getting very tired. She said she would consider hospice if things get worse.

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