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I’ve never felt quite as old as I did yesterday when my new iPhone came in the mail. Up until now, I’ve avoided getting a “smart phone” because I had finally figured out how to use my “dumb phone.” Honestly, I do believe all ten of my grandkids could work this contraption better than I’ve done — including my 2-year old granddaughter Gracie! Do these companies secretly employ 10-year-olds to decide the protocols for these things?

Then there are all the passwords. When I check my e-mail and LinkedIn accounts on my computer, I don’t have to put in a password. It’s already there. How can anyone remember the password they decided on half a dozen decades ago?

Oh, and there’s someone named Siri on my new phone. She says, “What can I help you with?” When I tell her to go to the internet or check my e-mail she says, “You don’t have that set up.” “Well then set it up,” I reply. Then she says, “Now that’s an interesting question.” Well, how about an interesting answer!

I’m rather glad my grannies can’t see me now arguing with a little box!

The funny thing is that I ordered this phone through a “senior-friendly” company. I really think they should send someone out with the phone to make sure you can actually learn how to use it.

Now I’ve graduated from college three times, it certainly seems like I should be able to work a phone that half the world uses constantly! I’ve never been so intimidated in my life!

Then there’s the pop, imap and host and all these terms I have no idea about. Of course, when I was trying to “input” my e-mail provider, it was unavailable.

It’s truly a strange world and one thing I am sure about: I don’t speak its language — any language. I think it’s a conspiracy the younger generation has thought up to take over the world. Well, you don’t have to wait for that one — that day is here!

Resources Online

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