Spring Fling Day Trips for You and Your Senior

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Do you get a case of spring fever once the weather gets nice? I sure do! It’s a great time to get your senior out and about for a change of pace. It’s been a long winter and its time to enjoy the outdoors. Why not plan a day trip to celebrate the season? Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

A Day at the Beach

There is nothing quite like looking out at the giant waves, feeling the warm sand beneath your feet and smelling the salt air to renew the soul. If you live close enough to visit a sandy beach that’s easily accessible, why not plan a trip to the ocean for just the day? It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the company of your senior loved one. I can’t think of a single senior who doesn’t love to watch the ocean and listen to the gulls along the beach. You might take along a picnic lunch or just find a good restaurant with an ocean view. Getting away can be like a tonic for both you and your senior.

Wine Tasting

Does your senior enjoy a good glass of wine? Do you have wineries near your neck of the woods? Touring wineries can be lots of fun. Most have beautiful landscaping and lots of tasty snacks to enjoy along with delicious wines. Check out the wineries in your area on the web. Find out which wineries are the best to visit. Perhaps your senior will enjoy taking a friend along. Make it a day to remember.

Train Trips

I will never forget taking my children for a day trip through the mountains on a comfortable train. Spring is the best time to ride the rails. You can see so much beauty along the way. I loved seeing in people’s back yards — their gardens and even their clothes flapping on the lines. Flowers are blooming and the landscape is still green. We even went through snow in the mountains and it was the first of June! You can’t feel anything but extravagant while dining on a delicious meal and watching the world go by. If you both are up to it, try staying at a fun destination overnight or at least for the day. There is no way to be bored on a day train trip. The views will keep you fascinated the whole time.

A Lazy Day of Fishing

Nearly all of us live close enough to visit the river or a lake for a day of fishing. This can get a little expensive if you both need a fishing license ($50 in California), but at least you’ll have a surefire way to make you senior happy for the rest of the year. Pack a cooler with drinks and a lunch. Take along the folding chairs and plenty of bait. It really doesn’t matter if fishing is not your favorite activity. Sitting by the river or lake and enjoying the spring weather will be enough to ensure you have a great time.

Visit a Tea House

Does your mom or grandmother enjoy a good cup of tea? There are more and more tea houses springing up and it’s fun to get dressed up and put on English airs to sip tea from china cups and eat finger sandwiches and fancy deserts. Maybe you can spring for a manicure before or after. Just a walk around the city or a visit to a bookstore would be up my alley. How about yours?

Garden Tours

Spring is the perfect time to visit the great gardens in your area. Flowers are blooming and everything is in its prime. Do a web search and find out the tours available in your area. Botanical gardens in public parks are looking fine this time of year. I know we have quite a few tourist favorites up in the Sierra foothills. Flower farms will often open their gates to the public during the spring. This can be a lot of fun especially if you bring home a new favorite plant.

Tips on Traveling with a Senior

  • Plan ahead – know where you are going and what places you might want to visit while in the vicinity.
  • Know what clinics or hospitals are nearby.
  • If your senior has mobility issues, make sure to find out if there are wheelchairs available where you are going. If not, just rent one before you head out.
  • Take along water and snacks for the car especially if your senior has diabetes.
  • Always take along a warm sweater or coat. Seniors get cold very easily.
  • Sunglasses and hats are a must to keep your senior from getting burned.
  • Take along a folding chair just in case. Always carry a blanket in the car and your senior’s medications, health insurance card, and physicians’ contact numbers.

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