Loved One in the Hospital? – Don’t Leave Them Alone!

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My mama always told me, “You never leave someone in the hospital without being there.”

That advice rang true when I heard from a friend how her husband was treated after surgery. It’s not the only time I’ve heard horror stories about what was done while the family was away.

Forcing Hospitals to Be Accountable

Her husband had major surgery and was doing well enough to go home. That didn’t last long. He ended up with a high temperature and back to the hospital they went. Ellen left him that night, being so tired from all the stress. When she got back the following morning, not only was his temperature raging but he was near death! She noticed he had IV’s hung by his bed, but they were not dripping. She called the nurse and it took two hours of “raising a fit” (her words) before anything changed. Once she told staff that she was all over social media telling his experience and naming the hospital, she had a slew of doctors come in and her husband improved dramatically.

My husband’s grandfather also had a really bad experience in the hospital. Ron stayed with him except to go to work. After his night shift was over, he went back to check on him. He had a colostomy a few days before and his bag had come loose and you can guess what was all over him, the bed and the floor. Ron read the staff the riot act and told his grandfather’s doctor. He was treated well for the remainder of his stay.

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