It’s Fall! Halloween is Right Around the Corner!

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I just love this time of year! It seems I can smell fall in the early morning air. It’s pumpkin picking time and there are apples ready too. How about the first fall day when you look for that comfy sweater?

Even though the temperature each day here lately has been unseasonably warm, there are still definite signs that fall has arrived with the leaves on my trees starting to turn yellow and a thick due on the grass in the early mornings. The first days of fall always take me back to when I was a child and knew Halloween was right around the corner.

Halloween Costumes

Every year my cousin and I would talk about our costumes for Halloween. Maybe we’d be a princess or a pirate? But no matter how much talk there was about all the characters we might be on Halloween night we were always gypsies.

So why dress up as gypsies? Our folks really didn’t have the money for store bought costumes, not that we’d wear them. So we’d get permission to raid our mama’s closets and costume jewelry stashes. We’d belt on one of their full skirts and put on a peasant blouse. They’d even let us paint on some lipstick and wear their stiletto heels! Somehow we’d rethink the stilettos before we left the house. Wonder why?

We’d have scarves around our heads and lots of fake jewels hanging from our neck and arms. We’d do each others’ make-up with lots of blue eye shadow. Running from house to house was just a blast. Then we’d come home and scatter our sweet treats all over the floor and pick out the best — chocolate of course!


Karen’s home

Back then we were free to trick or treat on our own, as long as we didn’t cross any busy streets or get too far from home. It was a thrill to feel that free from adults.

We’d also have parties where bobbin’ for apples was always one of the games. Popcorn balls and candied apples were also on the menu. Yes, they were homemade and no, no one thought a second that they might be poisoned.

Halloween and Grandchildren

Now that I’m a granny, my thrill on Halloween is watching my grandkids run from house to house. When my feet give out, I head back to my daughter Tara’s house and hand out candy while she and her husband watch the kids. Their neighborhood is filled with lots of kids and it’s a hoot to watch each one say, “Trick or Treat!”

What are you all doing for Halloween this year? Did you raid your mamas’ closets for your best costume?

Make sure a put on a big pot of apple cider! It’s not fall without that.

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