Gifts from the Heart – Get Started Now for the Holidays

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Some of the best gifts you could ever give don’t have to cost a lot, but it does take some planning. My daughter gives wonderful gifts. Each year she makes a calendar for my parents and her father and me. Photos of her boys and the other grandkids make each month shine. She hit on something that touches the heart and are keepsakes forever!

Wrap Them in Love

Growing up, my mother made a lot of my clothes. She saved the special ones and sent them to her mom. That Christmas I got a quilt called “Sunbonnet Sue.” Each one of the sweet gardening Sues were dressed in the scraps from all my dresses. The sad thing is I loved it so, I completely wore it out! But for at least a decade or so, my bed was adorned with a gift I loved.

If you ask early for a shirt from the guys and an old blouse from the girls in your family, you can make a sweet quilt and just embroider their names on the scraps they contributed. Make it easy with big squares and just a colorful wide border around the edges. I’ve made them backed with gingham or flannel and just use yarn to tack them here and there. If you visit your local fabric store, someone will be glad to point you to an easy pattern and give you pointers on how to get it done.

More Photo Projects

One year I took all the photos of my children and made copies to put in small albums. I gave one to each of my grandkids. They were filled with photos of their parents when they were young. Some were of my parents and some were of their cousins. They were a huge hit. While visiting I found many of the grandkids had those albums tucked away near their bed so they could look at them often.

A family photo of everyone you can round up is also a great gift. The last one I took at my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Actually, the waitress took the photo so I could be in it too. I had an enlargement made and my parents were thrilled. I need to make another one this year because we have a new addition to the family!

Pamper Gifts

One year for Mother’s Day, I sent my mama to a local day spa for a facial and mini-massage. She never would spend the money on herself, but she still talks about how it made her feel to have that experience.

My daddy always loves to get slippers for Christmas. Every few years he actually needs a new pair. This year I’ll give him a “coupon” for foot rubs. Who wouldn’t like to get that for Christmas?! It will remind him how I rubbed his feet after work when I was young.

Cups and Mugs Decorated by the Grandkids

My oldest son is now almost 40 but back when he was around 7, I took him down to the local ceramic shop. We bought some coffee mugs (green ware) and he painted a little scene on one for his granddaddy. The shop fired them and then we glazed them for a shiny finish. That was over 30 years ago and that mug still sits next to my father’s easy chair.

Now you can buy heavy plastic water cups that come with lids and a straw. They’re insulated cups you can find at most craft stores. The great thing about these is you can “unscrew” them and slip in a drawing from one the grandkids or even just a cute photo.

Embroidered Hankies

My father still carries a handkerchief and some of them still have the embroidery intact. Some are ones that I stitched as a child. One he pulled out the other day was embroidered by my daughter when she was around 10. If your grandchildren are too young to learn to embroider, you can get fabric paints to decorate hankies for your loved ones. Your older men folk will feel proud to carry them and show them off to their buddies. Don’t forget your mom or granny! They’d love a pretty hanky decorated by one of the kids.

I hope I’ve given you some gift ideas to make your holidays this year extra special!

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