Family Facebook Pages Connect the Generations

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How many of you keep your old precious photos tucked away in albums that no one ever sees? They can not only bring a lot of pleasure to your family members but they can let future generations know who they came from by just starting a family page on Facebook. Pictures tell a thousand words about our relatives. We can see the struggles they’ve endured by just looking at their faces. It’s a powerful message and you’ll connect with family members you might have never known.

Making Family Connections

old family photos

Old Family Photos

My cousin started the page for my mother’s side of the family. I was amazed at the pictures she shared and began to share some of my own. Not long after we shared these photos we began to hear from family across the nation. It was amazing! You can see it for yourself.

Since my mother’s family page was so gratifying, I began a page for my father’s side of the family. Some of the photos I shared are over 100 years old. One shows my granddaddy as a little boy poised with his parents and sisters. My cousins and their children began posting how wonderful it was they could see their forefathers and learn more about the people they came from. You can look at my daddy’s family page.

Getting Started

Anyone can start a family page. Just follow the steps on Facebook. Be sure to put complete names on the photos. If someone is looking for information about that family member, the search engine will give them a link. Make sure to send invitations to all your family members. Once you get your page up, Facebook will prompt you to invite others to see your page. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be astonished at the reactions you’ll get.

Family Stories — Share Them!

old photo of a couple

Old Photo of a Couple

I’ve written a number of posts about my experiences while visiting my grandparents and relatives. It’s also fun to ask your family about their memories. I ask funny questions as posts like “what pet set fire to granny’s sewing machine?” Some of my cousins knew this one, but many learned it was the family’s pet crow!

I have two cousins that research extensively on the family histories. They share that knowledge on the family page. Now my children and grandchildren can read where and who we came from such as my great-great-great granddaddy who owned a plantation in Louisiana to another great grandfather who was in a card fight in Texas that made the local papers! I also found out that Anita Bryant is my mother’s second cousin. Who knows who you might be related to! Just start a family page and enjoy sharing with all your relatives!

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