End of Summer Bucket Lists

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What have you or your older loved one wanted to do before summer is over for another year?

Oh, those bucket lists. Some of them can be daring but many of us just want simple pleasures.

Recently our small town’s Chamber of Commerce hosted a Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was glorious! Huge balloons went up into the summer sky at dawn one after the other. In one of those balloons was a “young” lady of 80+. Her granddaughter knew she had always wanted to go up in one of those huge balloons, so she drove her granny a great distance to get her a ride. The picture taken of the granny in the balloon said it all. She was beaming with a huge smile across her face.

The Wonders of Each Season

Not everyone has a deep desire to go up in a hot air balloon or skydive. Some just look forward to the wonders of each season. Summer is almost spent and when it is gone so will the wonderful fresh and local foods we all look forward to. Have you had a fresh ear of corn on the cob this summer? How about a peach or blackberry cobbler? I’ve yet to have a mess of fried okra and I’m really missing it. I planted three rows but my chickens decided the tiny plants were there just for them! How about visiting a local produce stand or neighboring farm that sells those fresh veggies. Many of them are a fun destination with homemade foods to enjoy.

Perhaps many of you live near the ocean or another large body of water. One thing that older people remember fondly is swimming in a big lake or dipping their feet in the ocean waves. A day trip can be a needed refresh for you and your loved one. Plan a day to enjoy nature and talk to your loved one about their childhood memories of visiting the woods or seaside. Take along a picnic or stop at a nearby eatery. Enjoy the warmth of summer before the weather gets too cold.

Are you or someone you love a horse lover?

Equine therapy has been proved to help those suffering from depression and even those with dementia. The Connected Horse offers the elderly and their caregivers the chance to enjoy horses, up close and personal. The Connected Horse is not the only equine therapy — there are many!

Making New Memories with Old Friends

How long has it been since you or your older loved one has had a good visit with one of your childhood friends? One of my neighborhood buddies plans a get-together once a year of all the friends who lived in our neighborhood when we were growing up. It’s like a reunion to catch up on each other’s lives. Oh, the tales that are told of riding our bikes, sometimes without holding on to the handlebars! That often didn’t end well.

So what’s on your summer bucket list?

Do you yearn for a trip to the mountains or even a train ride can be thrilling! I still remember taking my kiddos when they were little on the Amtrak. We ate hamburgers in the dining car while we watched the trees go by and while we looked into a hundred back yards. I loved seeing all the gardens growing as the world whizzed by.

Don’t miss those treasured tastes and experiences of summer by checking something off your bucket list!

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