After 50 Years of Cooking – Momma’s Had Enough!

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Growing up, it was a rarity when we actually ate at a restaurant or even fast food. Come to think of it, there weren’t many fast food places around when I was growing up. So that left the meals and cooking up to mama. Well, she’s 82 and she’s about ready to throw in the towel and the apron!

Now I know there are lots of men who are also good cooks but my daddy isn’t one of them. He can barely boil water to make himself some instant coffee. Mama, on the other hand, has always been a wonderful cook but she’ll be the first one to say, “I’m really getting tired of cooking and the clean-up is even worse.”

Finding New Meal Options

So about two or three times a week, it’s up to daddy to “cook.” That means he gets in the car and finds them a sausage biscuit or take-out food. Their favorite is the local fast food chicken and fish place, Chinese food or Mexican. Too bad there’s not an Okie Kitchen fast food restaurant. They’d love that. They’re used to home cooked meals that include the favorites of their childhoods. I grew up on beans and cornbread, fried potatoes and green beans cooked with a little bacon grease. It’s no wonder I have a weight problem. It’s never affected my parents like that. They’re both on the thin side.

Mamma's stove

Momma’s stove

Nowadays, mama is more than happy to have daddy do the “cooking.”

While I can’t always provide them with home cooked meals, I do send a meal or two a week over for them to enjoy. I cooked for a family of five most of my life and I’m still in the habit of cooking way too much food so I’ll grab one of those plastic containers and dish them out enough for at least two meals. They eat like birds so it really doesn’t take much to fill them up.

I know when daddy has to quit driving I’ll have to have a different plan. If they lived in town, there are a few restaurants that deliver, but they’re too far out in the country so the delivery person will have to be me. I know in the fall and winter they love a good pot of soup. It’s easy to heat up and it stays good for days in the fridge. It’s also easy to digest and very little chewing is required. Mama loves broccoli cheese soup and it’s a snap to fix. Everyone loves chicken soup and daddy’s favorite is bean with bacon soup.

Cooking for Seniors

Things to remember when I cook for mama and daddy:

  1. Don’t make the food too spicy.
  2. Don’t make their plates too big.
  3. Remember that daddy likes bread with every meal.
  4. They don’t like asparagus or brussels sprouts.
  5. Daddy can’t have food with lots of potassium.

I’ll take advantage of the grocery stores that deliver or have groceries ready to pick-up curb side.

The great thing about a lot of our local grocery stores is that there is a deli right in the store. I’ll have to get acquainted with the foods they offer that my parents like and if I get in a pinch, I’ll just order them some of their favorites online and either pick them up or have them delivered.

Did your parents go through a “I’m through with cooking” phase? What have you done to help them with their meals?  We’d love to hear from you!

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