5 Prescriptions for the Best Medicine

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Life does send us a lot of trouble the older we get, but we just can’t give in or we’ll go down with the boat! There are just some days that are harder to get through than others so we have to give ourselves a good prescription — for laughter. It does a body and mind a lot of good!

According to WebMD, the experts are not exactly sure why laughter is good for your health, but they’re all sure it is! Did you know your pulse rises, you breathe faster, and you use muscles not normally used when you laugh? It’s also a great way to burn some calories! It can change your whole day by changing your thoughts from gloom to happiness. So how do we give ourselves a big dose of laughter?

5 Prescriptions for Laughter

#1 – Kids

I don’t care how down I feel, my outlook completely changes when I spend time with the grandkids. I always end up laughing from something they say or just watching them play. I work part time at a local elementary school and every day it brings laughter to my world. Okay, sometimes I also want to pull my hair out, but the extra laughs make it all worthwhile. Kids just bring a more optimistic feeling and I always feel a lot more positive around them. Try spending just a little time each week with a child you love or one that needs you.

#2 – Old Funny Movies & TV Comedies

Almost all of us have access to a TV channel that plays old TV shows, like “I Love Lucy” or “All in the Family.” Now who can keep from laughing while watching Lucille Ball stomp grapes? Or how about watching Edith while she’s trying to figure out one of Archie’s “logical” explanations? Old movies are a great way to get in a terrific mood. “Bringing Up Baby” with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn will get you laughing through the whole movie! Who could forget Lee Marvin in “Paint Your Wagon” and his horse — both drunk and leaning against a wall? Give yourself a good dose of laughter at least once a week with one of the classic comedies.

#3 – Family Home Movies and Old Photo Albums

Now this is a lot more fun with a bunch of family members. Just watch your grandkids’ faces when they see their parents and you as young people! They will see you in a whole new light. Put on the popcorn and make it a night to remember. When you start through the photo albums, don’t tell the grandkids who is who — make them guess.

#4 – Call or Visit an Old Friend

Old friends remember all the fun times you had together when you were young. For me, my cousins were my close friends and I love to remind them of all the “stupid” things we did just for fun. I also remind my cousin Tim of the time he asked his daddy if those brown cows were the ones that gave chocolate milk. That gets him every time! My cousin Jeannie gets ribbed for cutting our bangs when we were about four years old. It’s a wonder our hair was ever the same! And my cousin Jerry gets ribbed for dressing up in his sister’s Easter clothes. We have pictures to prove that one. Make a point of calling at least one old friend a week and you’ll both have a good laugh.

#5 – Cards, Horse Shoes, Miniature Golf & Bowling

Want to really have a good laugh and a great time? Try playing games with your family members or friends — or both! Not all of us will be up to bowling or horse shoes, but most of us can last through a few throws and sit around to enjoy the fun. Miniature golf is just one of those games most of us can do and it’s always a barrel of laughs. Try to include a youngster or two. They’ll be so confident about beating you and will be so surprised when you’re the winner!

Whatever you do, do it with others. We are all social creatures and nothing will get you depressed more quickly than becoming a recluse. Get out and live your life to the fullest and make sure and add a dose of laughter each and every day.

(This article was reviewed February, 2024.)

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