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    Hi, My Mom and Dad were living in our old house in Mississauga. Dad died last month. She is now living alone.

    She won’t come to our house. Says she is gonna spend the rest of her life there. And I couldn’t blame her completely. Because it’s the first house Dad bought and they spent years there. So it’ll be hard for her to leave.

    But I couldn’t sleep comfortably when she is there all alone. Hence I’m going to install a good security system and a medical monitoring system for her. Even though she is perfectly healthy now, just wanna make sure that she will be safe.

    Another problem is cleaning the house. She is like: “I will clean my house myself and don’t need any help” However I’m not gonna let it happen. Hence I’m looking for a good quality cleaning service now. I couldn’t find reliable cleaning services nearby.

    Then I just searched the web and found a good house cleaning service in Oakville. I think they are pros. I’m going to hire them. Before that share your opinions on this.


    William M. Weir

    I have got a resort near to the Bay of Fundy. It’s the time for the people to visit these areas as the autumn season is going to begin. Actually, I need a team for the cleaning of our resort. We had done renovation by including different sections like the spa. After the renovation, the resort is not clean as earlier. My co-workers and I were cleaning for the last two days. But, the work is not finished yet. I need it done as fast as possible. Meanwhile, I have heard about the maid cleaning service from Toronto? Is it really worth? Is it available for online booking at affordable prices? What do you think? Any suggestions?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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