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    <p>Hi everyone, I am here for my grandma who has been suffering from dementia for the last two years. She is 80 years old and was at first easy to handle her, but now it is becoming worse. Her memory is getting affected day by day and my mom and I find it difficult managing her. She doesn’t remember where she puts all her stuff and she gets really frustrated because of this. A few months back, she started having eating disorders too. I am really worried and confused about what to do next. My family and I are thinking of taking her to some dementia nursing care in toronto which is near to our house so we could visit her more often. Is this the only way to take care of her? Any suggestions on this would be great and thanks in advance.</p>

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    <p>You need a lot of patience to handle old people. Some may repeat one thing several times, some may become more adamant like a child. Sometimes you even lose your temper talking to them. But we should understand that one day we will become old and might behave like this.</p>

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