Got a Speeding Ticket!

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    Hey guys,
    Last week I received a speeding ticket from the Ontario area.
    But I never drive that much fast recently. I had a fracture in my right arm and I’m still not fully fit. So I’m a bit careful when I’m driving.
    Sometimes I even think I’m annoying people behind me because I’m a bit slow.

    The point is, there is no way I was above the speed limit on the road. When I told this about my friends, they’re all saying I should go to court. But I don’t know much about legal stuff. Plus going to court for this at this age doesn’t sound like a smart plan to me.

    I’m going to hire someone for this. Found a nearby traffic ticket representation service. But I would like to know is this the right way? Or should I do something else? If anyone has gone through a similar situation, please advise.

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