Can a daughter ask the nursing home to stop hurting a loved one with IV\\\'s?

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    My mom fell two months ago, and ever since then, she’s unable to walk, talk, eat, drink. Can I ask the nursing home to stop hurting my mom with needles for IV, antibiotics for her bes sores and who knows what else. She needs to rest and they don’t let her.



    So sorry to hear about your mom, I recommend you request a Care Plan meeting with the Nursing Home staff immediately to review her Care Plan with you.  They will explain in detail all of the problems your mother is experiencing right now, what goals the Nursing Home has for your mother’s recovery, and what interventions are being done (what they are actually doing, for example the IV, medications, how she is getting nutrition, etc).  Also, you need to meet with her doctor and ask them to explain what they have ordered for medical treatment.    Every resident in a nursing home is required to have a care plan, and staff is required to meet with the family to explain what they are doing. If your mother can make her own decisions, she can refuse some of this care. If she can’t, (which sounds like this is the case if she can’t talk), does she have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care document? This document will explain who she wants to make her health care decisions for her if she can’t speak for herself.  If she does not have one, a health care proxy (someone who makes her decisions) can be assigned.  Are other family members involved?  If your father is involved, he could be the one making decisions. If he is not, as her daughter you might be asked to become a health care proxy for her (assuming you know her well and what she would want), and make decisions as to what kind of care she will receive.

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