Worried about my dad's dental phobia.

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    <p>Hey! My dad is seventy years old and he didn’t have much health issues before. But nowadays he is having some dental problems. Last week he had a swelling on his gum and went to the dentist in Whitby. The dentist told me that most of his teeth are getting decayed and one tooth from the lower jaw is having a deep crack and the pulp got infected. Root canal therapy can be done to save the tooth or else he has to extract the tooth. Unfortunately, my dad is reluctant to undergo any of these procedures. I had no idea about his dental phobia. When I was a kid, I was afraid of dentists and now I am ready for any kind of treatments. But my dad is still struggling to get rid of his fear. Anyone of you has some advice to tackle this situation?</span>Any insight on this would be great. Thanks in advance.</p>

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