What to do with my mom who is a hoarder?

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    My mom is a real hoarder. There’s stuff just everywhere in her house. Piles of stuff, you can’t even walk around in the rooms in her house. She gets pretty violently mad when I tell her she needs to get rid of some junk so she’ll have room for stuff she really needs. What should I do? Should I just go in and remove stuff for her own good?



    It’s very common for elderly people to hoard. This generation grew up in the depression and struggled to make ends meet, so they saved everything. Also, the elderly start to lose control of their life, and hanging on to their possessions is one of the last things they have control over. Keep that in mind when you start to help her. Try to start by organizing things and putting them in boxes and containers that can be moved to a storage area so it is not in her way and a fall hazard. Talk to her in advance, and go slowly at her pace to see if she is willing to let go of some things.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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