What all things should be taken care before taking grandparents to a dentist?

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    Hey! I care about my grandparents very much. I always treat them very well. Once in every six months, I always take them to the hospital for having checkups. I am that much conscious about their health. But every time I forget to take them to a dental clinic to have routine checkups. I was not aware of the importance of oral health. But when I came to know about the possibilities of having dental problems because of improper care, I decided to take them to have the family dental services from Ajax ( http://www.appletondental.ca/services/family-dentistry/ ). My grandmother is afraid of the dental procedures. But I am planning to take them by any means. What all things to be taken care before doing a dental checkup? My grandparents are diabetic. Is it necessary to have a special care for diabetic patients while having dental checkups?

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