Turning House Over To Daughter

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    <p>I live in Ohio at a manufactured house community for people over 55 years.  My age is 74 and am thinking of the future.</p><p>I would like to know if I could turn the title of my paid for home to my daughter.  I would continue to live here and pay my taxes and lot fee.  We are not to have renters in the community but I would continue to live in my home .  Would I have to notified the owners (of the community) of this?  My daughter would sell my house if I would have to live in a facility or pass away.  I just don’t want her to go through Probate when I pass.  I don’t think I would have to notify anyone of this for I own my home , I will live here and it would just be changing the name on the title.</p><p>Thank you for any information.</p><p>Linda</p>

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