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    Hello everyone,
    I’m in a dilemma. I’m a working women. I live in in a town which is 2 miles away from our home. Now my mom is staying alone. I’m her only daughter. My dad left us when I was 5. I always recommend her to come and stay along with me but she refused so I use to visit her in the week ends. She was healthy compared to other seniors of her age. Last month I was in an official tour and planned to visit Paris after that. While I was there I made calls but she didn’t pick up. This made me tensed and I dropped my plan and came back yesterday. When I visited home I felt like something had happened to her. She has a pet dog and I saw him left alone in the corridor.The mails were left unopened. I searched for her and found her sitting in a corner of the kitchen. She was really tired. From the first sight itself I understood that she hadn’t cooked or eaten anything for days. She has forgotten everything, even me. I immediately took her to a doctor and she was diagnosed with dementia. Her situation is really worse. I don’t know what to do? I’ve taken leave for a week and is staying with her but it isn’t practical. I’m in my training period and will lose my job if frequent leaves are taken. I need to get back to work soon so I’m planning to take mom along with me but I need someone to take care of her when I’m at work. I’m in need of a nanny who is experienced in dealing people with dementia . My aunt suggested me an agency. I visited their website (http://www.diamondpersonnel.com)and I’m quite impressed. Before fixing with them I need an expert advise. I there anyone who is familiar with them . Please share your experiences.

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    Ruth Swanson

    <p>Hello,</p><p>There are many people deals with dementia and they needed a constant supervision and we really need to make sure that our home is safe and secure for them. As many doctors suggest that it is necessary to make homes and bathroom a safe environment for them by eliminating the stairs, installing walk-in tub by professionals of a walk in bathtubs in Spokane Valley, instead of climbing into the regular bathtub, because these tubs are specifically designed for those people who lose the abilities to do certain things due to various illnesses like arthritis, dementia and other illnesses related to aging. These are some things that you can often minimize the risk by offering help in small ways by staying organized.Good luck.</p>

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