Taking care of a senior in a caretaker's own home

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    Can an in-home caregiver take care of the aging senior in the privacy of the caregiver’s own home?



    Instead of using outside providers or full-service agencies to find a live-in caretaker in the senior’s own home, or moving in with a family member, another approach would be to have the services provided in the privacy of the caregiver’s own home. Before you consider that option, you might first want to perform a background check and identity verification and ask for references. What kind of services and to what extent does the senior need? Does the senior have minor problems, but needs help with dressing and bathing, or does the senior have a medical condition that needs more intensive monitoring? Is the caregiver competent to manage the level of care needed? Is the caregiver’s home fall-safe? Will the caregiver take care of more than one senior in her home? Does the community require a business license of a caregiver who opens her home to caring for seniors? Are there zoning restrictions that might impact the caregiver’s home? Or there any special occupational licenses or certificates required (i.e, CPR certificate or CNA license)?

    You could also run the idea by, and get some unbiased feedback from, a third party (i.e., geriatric care manager, social worker, the senior’s doctor). If all looks somewhat reasonable and doable, you could try it temporarily.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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