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    Hi all, my mum had a stroke 2 month ago. She has been hospitalised for the past 2 months and got discharged yesterday. She moved to a rehab centre without informing us. I know that she did this in an intention as she doesn’t want to become a burden for me, but I don’t like the place where she is now. I need her to be in a safer and better place than that. I got an admission for her from an assisted living care home ( ). Now what should I do to get him out of the rehab where he is currently in? What is the procedure should I follow to get her out of there? Should I talk to the Case Manager at the Rehab through the phone before meet him?


    Cynthia Pettit

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    I and my dad took our grandpa out for a nature ride to Vancouver. He loves the place. It has been a long time since we have taken him out. This time we wanted to make sure he enjoys the place. My grandpa has been suffering from dementia for a long time. We took him to the country first, then to Vancouver in a shared accommodation. We arrived at night stayed the night at the hotel. In the morning we woke up to the beautiful sea view. Vancouver is a beautiful city, grandpa used to say. He was lost in his memories. He said in his time people used to come from far places just for camping. Some places bring back the memories. He was very happy and quite surprising he remembered many things from the past. That brief happiness was more than to ask for.

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    My grandpa is eighty-two years old and is suffering from chronic bronchitis. He has been taking medicines for more than five years. He doesn’t sleep most nights and is forced to take sleeping pills. Now we showed another doctor who was a family friend in Canada and he suggested using CPAP masks.
    We were quite surprised to find him sleeping peacefully without taking any pills. My question is if CPAP is not a harming device then why didn’t any of the doctors we consulted in the last five years didn’t even bother to suggest a CPAP?

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    Hi Linda,

    These are great questions.  It depends on what you have decided on your mother.  When you need care for your loved one at home, the best thing you can do is search for home care services in the area.  This is a blog post that can give you more information and resources on what you can do when you encounter a situation like that.



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