Suggestions on how to take meds for someone with difficulty swallowing

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    My dad has trouble taking his meds and it’s about to get worse. He chews most of them, but he’s not supposed to. He can’t swallow pills any more and he’s about to lose his top teeth, which will really make things complicated. The pharmacist said most of his meds can be crushed, but one of them can’t. I tried putting the crushed meds in pudding or applesauce, and he complains that he can still feel the pieces of pills in the food. I’ve read that you can dissolve the pills in jello. Is that ok to do? Has anyone else tried that? Thanks!


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    Crushing medications for those who have difficulty swallowing is a common practice in health care. However, there are cautions that must be considered when crushing medications. For example, some medications may interact with each other by either having an additive effect or causing less absorption of another. Others may release a large amount of medication at one time.

    Before you crush any medications, talk with a pharmacist about using jello or any other food or drink. Most medications can be crushed and put in juice, water, or pudding. For the medication that cannot be crushed for whatever reason, talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if the medication comes in a different form. There are liquids and sublingual preparations that may be more suitable for your father.

    You may also want to consider purchasing a pill crusher and make sure that the pills are smashed almost to a powder. This might help your father to tolerate the medication better.



    <p>suggestion — </p><p> </p><p>try using a straw , uses different muscles in mouth & throat</p><p>also , maybe warmer water , helps pills slide easier and throat muscles to relax a little</p>

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