Stroke got anything to do with teeth?

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    Hi, all. I am new to this place. I reside in Toronto. It was  two days back that my mum said about her toothache. She used to say that before also. But we didn’t bother much. Thought it would go . It comes and goes and I fixed an appointment at Dawson dental ( ) which is near to our place. So that it would easy for her and she will not have much to travel. But the problem is, Not a problem actually . Last day I happen to say about my mum with  my friend. She was telling that people with stroke will do has issues with teeth. When I heard that I got confused. Because I already fixed an appointment with a dentist. Is my decision wrong? Will people with stroke have dental issues? I am confused. Before taking her to the dentist should I take her to her regular doc?

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