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    <p>Have you ever thought about getting thermal drapes for your home? I was really surprised to read a blog about the benefits of thermal curtains and the changes it can bring to a home. Thermal curtains cut down the energy bills and save you money. Here are some more benefits of using such curtains:</p><p> It reduces the heating and cooling expenses to a huge extent.</p><p>It offers style and adds functional values to your home.</p><p>It provides more privacy for your rooms.</p><p>Maintains an even temperature throughout your home.</p><p>Noise can be reduced if you live in a high traffic area. For more, you could refer this blog  </p><p>I am here for my grandfather. After the demise of my grandma, he is staying alone. We used to visit him quite often. For the last few months, he has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He finds it very difficult to walk and move around. Although there is a caretaker to look after him, if there arise any case of emergency, it will be difficult for us to reach there. So my hubby and I asked him to stay with us. First, he rejected but now he is willing to stay with us. Our house is on a busy street and the sound from the vehicles and industries are quite disturbing. So we are thinking to soundproof his room with thermal curtains. What do you guys think about this? I would also like to know the installation charges of thermal windows. Share your views here.</p>

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