Security for aged parents

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    Catherine Allen

    <p>Need help<br />I am the only child of my parents. My father is a retired bank manager and my mother is a retired teacher. Both of them have turned very old now. Whenever I go to my office, they are alone at home. Since I am a software professional, I reach back home only very late after my work.<br />Last day an incident took place at home. My dad fainted as his blood pressure level came down. My mother was sleeping at that time. Later when she woke up she saw dad laying down on the floor. She got panicked not knowing what to do. She called me and informed the matter. I rushed to my house and took my dad to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that he fainted because of a variation in his blood pressure. He also said that there is nothing much to worry. Dad was ok after having the medicines.<br />Since both of them are suffering from a lot of health issues due to old age, I’m little tensed to leave them alone at home. When I spoke about this to one of my friend’s at the office, he suggested installing of home security alarms with medical alert. So that I would be able to watch my parents from anywhere. I think is I the best option to monitor my parents when I am working at the office. Now I am in search of the companies that provide such services. Can someone help me with your suggestions?</p>


    Vito Peabody

    <p>The older our parents get, the more support they need. <br />Yes, I agree that installing of home security alarms is the best option to monitor our parents when we are working at the office. But only installing a security alarm is not the safest way, we need to secure other things like adding grab bars in and out of the bathtub/shower, adding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside the master bedroom, installing paved driveway in the garden area by consulting with the Long Island asphalt companies so that they can take a safe walk in the garden, and much more. It is our responsibility to take care of them as they once took care of us.</p>

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