Screening applicants for assisted living facility

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    How do managers of assisted living facilities screen prospects before admitting?



    Pre-admission docs, questionnaire, and physician reports are the primary go-to reports we look at to get a feel of a potential resident. If the individual is in a SNIF, we talk to the nurses; how is his or her eating behavior; how ambulatory are they; what medicines are logged on their chart. We will talk with a staff nurse about their mental state. Is the level of care a prospect needs appropriate for the purpose of the assisted living facility?

    We look at their ability to pay for immediate or future care as well as the demographics of the current facility population.

    We also look at compatibility with current residents: does a 73-year old who is mentally alert but needs a bit of physical care want to spend time with 85-year olds with declining physical and mental capacities. The converse is true also: someone who suffers cognitively might be disturbed to be in the same area with more coherent residents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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