Safety measures for elders who live alone

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    <p>Hi there,</p><p>I am really worried. I don’t know what to do right now. I am leaving home for 2 weeks since I have an official trip. I am living with my gran. She doesn’t have any particular diseases, just old age problems. I can’t take her to the trip and I don’t want to leave her alone. None of my relatives are ready to stay with her because of her weird character and she doesn’t like any caregivers too. Once, when I had started working, I had appointed a caregiver but my granny doesn’t like it (she thinks that she is perfect and doesn’t need any help) and she hadn’t eaten for days. So I am little afraid to get a caregiver. When I discussed with her about my concern, she told that she can manage everything by her own. But how can I leave her like this? She is 82 now. She is too stubborn to listen to me. I was looking for safety measures online and saw an article and I felt it is quite good. But before that, I would I to get your suggestions on this.</p>



    <p>Nice blog and just ask your neighbors to have care and also tell them to inform you whenever there is an emergency …</p>

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    <p>Hello, I have been struggling with my 88 year old dad who lives across the country – he refuses to leave his home, or to move in with family, or a nursing home.  One solution that I’ve found to be most beneficial is Life Alert – their service is amazing in that all my Dad has to do is press the button for whatever he needs, medical care, the time of day, or even to call family if he doesn’t remember the number and they will reply. It’s a small device that he wears around his neck, its even waterproof so he doesn’t  have to take it off in the shower  – it’s helped him tremendously and I strongly recommend looking into it.</p><p>BTW I don’t work for Life Alert – this is just my sincere opinion.</p><p> </p>


    Catherine Allen

    <p>Hi,</p><p>Very useful article. Really very helpful for all those looking after aged parents. Thanks for sharing it.</p>

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