Physical attacks by dad without provocation; how do handle these?

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    The other day my dad attacked me after waking up from a dream. He came after me with both hands and scratched me up pretty bad. I pushed him and he stumbled and hit the side of his head on our couch, which made the side of his face red. His glasses were knocked off when he fell and now he has a scratch on his nose. I feel so bad. He doesn’t remember what happened and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he attacked me. I am feeling so guilty and embarrassed. What if someone sees him and thinks that I am abusing him? I’ve talked to his doctor about this and all they say is “it’s not your fault,” and give him more medication, but is there anyone out there who has any advice? While his medications are making these episodes less frequent, they are still very disturbing and shocking when they happen.



    Has your Dad had a psychological or psychiatric evaluation? Is he seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis? He should be monitored very closely and getting therapy to prevent these episodes. This is a very serious matter. Does he have a history of trauma, for example being a War Veteran or being in some other traumatic event? Also, look for a sleep disorder specialist in your area that can help identify the source of these night terrors.

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