Pain relief treatment for grandparents

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    <p>Hey, my grandparents met with an accident last month. They were driving to the airport to pick me up. A van came from the wrong side and hit our car. There were no major injuries and luckily, their life was saved. But, my grandfather is complaining about severe neck pain these days. I think that the whiplash caused during the accident is the cause of this pain. I am scared to give him painkillers as he is taking medicines for diabetes. I fear that they will produce allergic reactions and cause trouble. I have heard that it is not advisable to massage the neck with pain relief balm while having a neck pain. My neighbor told that pain relief treatment from Oakville is very effective in treating neck pain. I am planning to take my grandparents over there. Is there anybody over here who has undergone treatment for neck pain?</p>

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