Need help to get back my friend..!!

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    My friend Janet and I met during the time of our graduate level education. She was a cute little girl with blue eyes. My friend Vicky and she fall in love with the very first year of our studies. They were in a serious relationship, and I was their mutual friend. After the graduation, Janet started to attend auditions for becoming a stage artist. Her biggest dream is to become a film actress. And Vicky started to assist his father in their business. At a particular point in their life, things started to change. His father detected with low vision, and doctors asked him to take an immediate blended vision treatment to improve the vision. Situations made Vicky become a complete businessman he became very busy. He didn’t found time to meet up with Janet. His sudden changes badly affected Janet, she stopped attending auditions and almost forget about her dreams and found comfortable being alone. She is in a stage of depression now. As a mate, I attempted to solve their problems, but both of them are keeping their egos at its peak. So I thought to help Janet by taking her to a depression treatment centre. Can someone help me with offering any advice to bring her out from this depression? Please share your thoughts and suggestions on it.

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