Need help to choose a hearing aid.

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    <p>Hi, my father recently got his hearing aid. But he is not satisfied with the sound level. Then we consulted the doctor again and he adjusted it according to the need. But my father is still complaining. He is uncomfortable with its volume. I am in doubt whether these are his illusions. Actually, he has a slight hearing loss. I shared this problem with one of my friends, she told me that if there is a slight hearing loss only and using high power hearing aid, then it will only damage the ear. She suggested me to a hearing instrument specialist in Toronto. We are planning to take an appointment there. Before taking the appointment, I would like to know the different types of hearing aids. If we want to change this hearing aid, I think it is better to research on this. Which is the best brand available? How should a person with hearing aid care for the device? Please let me know. It would be a great help for us.</p>

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