Need advice for physiotherapy treatment.

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    <p>Hi, my aunt is suffering from paralysis for about 2 years. We are taking care of her. At the very instant, we started physiotherapy and showed some improvements in her condition. Now we are shifting to Toronto. So it will be difficult to continue the treatments here. I am in search of a clinic in Toronto for this treatment. I talked about this to one of my friends in Toronto. She suggested me a physiotherapy treatment clinic. I am planning to take an appointment there. But I am concerned about the response of my aunt towards the treatment and the therapist. Will it possible for her to adjust to the new therapist and treatment? My friends told me that a lot of facilities are available in the new clinic. So we are expecting a better treatment from there. But before that, I would like to know some suggestions about acupuncture treatment. I heard about the possibility of acupuncture along with physiotherapy. The combination of these treatments can help to relieve pain and paralysis. Will this work out? If anyone knows about this, please share your suggestions.</p>

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