Mom's income above Medicaid limits; how to keep her covered in ALF

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    I just found out that next year’s Social Security cost of living increase will push my mother, who is in a nursing home, just over the Medicaid limit by a few dollars and she will be cut off. That means she will have to be private pay and there’s no way I can afford the $1,000 plus a month it will take to keep her there. I have a job but it doesn’t pay that well and I can barely make ends meet myself. I’ve looked into everything I could think of and I’m out of ideas. Who can I talk to? Where else can I look? I’m out of ideas. I need help.



    There might be a way that your mother will still qualify for Medicaid coverage even though her income is above the Medicaid income guidelines in your state. You need to contact your State Medical Assistance Office to see if they can find a way to help you – there are several ways you may still qualify for Medicaid coverage. Such as:
    1. If you are above the limit but need the help, you should still apply. Depending on the Medicaid program and the rules in your state, certain income and assets may not be counted.
    2. If you have high medical expenses, you may qualify for a Medicaid spend-down or medically needy program. The spend-down program is sometimes also referred to as Medicaid’s Excess Income Program. Not all states have Medicaid Spend-Down programs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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