Massage therapy for lower back pain

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    <p>Hi, I am a fifty-two-year-old woman. I live alone as all of my children are busy with their work life. They are all married and are living separately. Now, I am living all alone. There are no servants to help me. I do all the job by myself. Last day, while moving the furniture downstairs for cleaning, I fell down from the stairs. I experienced severe back pain then. I thought that it will be okay and the pain will be gone soon. I used some pain killers too. I felt lazy to visit a doctor. This happened a month ago. Still, I experience severe back pain while doing something strenuous. It is becoming worse after each day. My elder son is coming home next week and I am thinking about visiting a chiropractic clinic and having a massage therapy from Toronto. I don’t know in detail about this procedure. Is it required to take rest after the therapy? I cannot take rest for more than three days as I am living alone.</p>

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