Looking or solutions to heal hip pain..!!

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    Hey, My daughter is a marathon runner. Last week she added too much distance to her running routine it may be because of that, she is suffering from running injury now. She is aching with muscular pain in her legs, and also with hip pain. When we consulted the doctor, he gave medicines and put band-aid. But the pain is getting worse. A few months back she had injured in car accident near Mississauga and severely harmed in her lower back. She had tingling and numbness which radiates from her legs, and it hurt her while standing and walking. It took months to heal that pain. Her doctor had suggested taking massage therapy regularly to cure this completely, but she hesitates to undergo treatment once she relieved from pain. I worry this hip pain is the after-effects of the injury caused during the accident. When I discussed it with the doctor, he suggested undergoing massage therapy along with the medicines. So, I’m planning to schedule an appointment with the nearby clinic. Before that, I would like to hear your suggestions and opinions on this.

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