Lasik for the aged. Is it possible?

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    My mom is in her late fifties. She has been wearing glasses since her kindergarten I guess. Now she wants to get rid of those glasses and get a LASIK procedure done. She started caring about her appearance especially the way she dresses. I think she read some magazine and got this idea about the LASIK procedure. She has taken an appointment in a refractive surgery hospital in San Antonio to get a few tests done. I have heard that people aged 30 and above can’t do LASIK. Only after she heard about this, did she slow down and start taking advice from other people. Is it true that you can’t do laser surgery after your 30s? Will there be any side effects? If true, why can’t they do LASIK? Are there any other treatments to get rid of glasses for aged people? Please do help me out. Thanks a ton!


    Michael Chandler

    Hey, after the LASIK surgery, one should always wear reading glasses, while coming in contact with sun rays and artificial lights. A month before, my mother gone through cataract surgery, So after the surgery, she was advised to wear wholesale reading glasses continuously for few months.

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