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    Hi, all. I am Debra from Mississauga. I am new to this forum and my friends shared to me about this forum during a conversation we had last day. My dad is a diabetic patient and he is under medicine for that and I am the one who is taking care of my dad. He used to tell me about his toothache that he got frequently. I ignored that, every now then. But it has been common these days. So I fixed an appointment at Dr. Agata Cybula  Associates ( ) for a check up. But after that, when I shared with my friend about this, he said there are chances to have tooth issues for those with diabetics. And this was something new for me. I haven’t heard anything of this sort before. And this is what something made me post here. I need to know whether diabetics could be a reason for this if it is so should I cancel the appointment fixed with the doc? Anyone here been to this place before, if so , will the doc there consider the patients that are already under medicines for diabetics?

    Thanks in advance.


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