I'm Reconstructing My Dad's Room

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    My dad is 81 years old and he is staying with us in Toronto now. So we decided to reconstruct one of our room for him. But our rooms are a bit small as compared to the rooms in most of the apartments out here. As part of the remodelling, we are thinking about replacing the windows and doors.

    So, we need windows are doors suitable for small sized rooms. Moreover, it would be great if the windows are lead-free and energy saving type. But I don’t know more about windows and doors replacement. Like the average cost, the different styles, selecting the best one for our room etc.

    And Is it possible to replace the doors without damaging the walls near to it? When I discussed this with my friends, one of them suggested a window and door replacement service in Edmonton. But I would like to know your suggestion too. Any suggestions or insights on this will be helpful.

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