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    <p>Hello all,</p><p>My grandmother is having dementia and she is too old to manage things alone. Either me or my mother are looking after her. She is too old and she has urinary problems too. She used to urinate in the bed often. We tried our best to prevent bed wetting as my grandmother feels uncomfortable, but we cannot actually calculate when accident occurs. So we need some suggestions to create a hygienic environment for my grandmother. I got few tips online http://www.c-care.ca/blog/hygiene/keep-elderly-loved-ones-track-comes-personal-hygiene/ . If you have more opinions, please let me know. My grandmother is really feeling uncomfortable while bedwetting. We have made doctor’s appointment to cure bed wetting, but till she gets cured we have to do something to make her comfortable. What shall we do?? Any suggestions??</p>

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